Monday, December 14, 2009

Catching up!

My brother as the Joker

carving pumpkins

Mic's good friend Emily got baptized the same day!!

So here we are in December, actually almost half way through December and I have not posted anything since October....did I actually think I was going to keep up with this!!?? I had good intentions of keeping up with it, but anyway here we are. So much has happened! Where do I start. Well, one of the most important was my Mic's baptism. It was on Halloween! It was a great day. Her dad came from Colorado, and she was so happy about that. Rick and I had decided to go out the night before, on the 30th to a costume party that one of the local radio stations was throwing, we didn't get home till about 1am. We got up at 5 am and started cooking, I had to make 3 pans of enchiladas, which of course I didn't have time to do it all! So Rick had to finish off the enchiladas while I got Mic and the other kids and myself ready. We made it to the church, we had so many people there for us! A lot more than we anticipated! The meeting was amazing, and my brother Leandro (uncle to Mic) baptized her! It was very spiritual and emotional and we are so proud of her for taking that step. Rick confirmed her and he gave her such an amazing blessing. She's very blessed to have so many people that love her very much! Then it was off to our church building for some food. It was so stressful!! I think Rick said he was very close to divorcing me that day, I was a wreck!! Rick helped so much with all the food and so did Aaron, our good friend. Im so thankful to them for taking over, because I was out of it! Everyone ate, and had a good time, I hope anyway. After it was all over, Rick and I went home and took a much needed little nap. We got up and started getting everyone ready for trick or treatin, for it was Halloween!! Yay! Roman was a very cute giraffe, Summerlin and Mic were fairies, I was a dark fairy and Rick and Andres had found themselves some nice mexican attire. They were funny! Mic got to trick or treat with us for about an hour and then she went with her dad for the rest of the night. We went around our old neighborhood, and then we went to Salt Lake to see grandma Rosie, grandpa Terry, grandma Mary, and Chris and Glenn. We then went with Amie, Haylie and April around SLC and then we went to Layton to visit with Nana, Lolo auntie, and uncle. Wow what a busy day, it was a fun day, but glad it's over!!