Thursday, May 26, 2011

Officially the worst mom......EVER!

My 9 year old (Mic) unfortunately got her dads genes when it comes to hair....she has lots of it, dark hair, all over! I mean, this is what she told me on our way to school a couple of weeks ago; "mom, when I'm older and make lots of money, I'm going to get lazer hair removal" That's sad that a 9 year old is already planning lazer hair removal...but I support her with this decision. Anyway, I Nair her legs because she has been getting teased at school about having hairy legs. I bought some nair yesterday, and I picked up a different kind this time, I was hoping that it didn't smell so nasty like the last one we got. Last night before she went to bed, I Naired her legs, and she also has a pretty dark mustache, so I (not even thinking) put some nair on top of her lip to get the hair off....2 mins later she starts screaming that it's burning, so I hurry and wipe it off and immediately the top of her lip gets red and blistery, I panicked and put some azulene oil that I had from a hair removal pack that I have, told her that would help, and sent her off to bed. This morning, she woke up with puffy upper lips, red burns on the side of her mouth, and in pain! YIKES! So I realized that I had been using sensitive skin Nair, and the one I bought yesterday was not for sensitive skin, so since she's so young (and it's not specifically for the face) it really burned her. She came home from school early today, and I've been putting neosporin on it, and it is finally getting better, but every time I look at her, I feel HORRIBLE! Worst mom ever!!