Monday, February 8, 2010


Again, here we are in 2010 and Im behind on our blog. Some highlights of the last months....
November...Thanksgiving! Yummy food. We spent it being very busy, between my parents and Rick's parents' house. We ate a lot and it was a good time. OH and my sis Raquel and Danny got engaged and planned on getting married 2 weeks later, so we were also busy planning a wedding that took place on December 1st.
December....Raquel's and Danny's wedding!! We pulled it off, planned a wedding in 2 weeks. We had about 150 people there, way more than expected, but luckily we had plenty of food, good company and it was an awesome ceremony and reception.
Christmas Eve we spent with my family, like we do every year. Mic and Summerlin worked on a program for that night, they sang about 5 songs along with wardrobe changes and accesories, such as a lion that we have, played the part of Rudolph for the Jingle bells song. It was such a great program and they worked hard on it. Of course can't have a good time without the Karaoke!! We all enjoyed singing together. We decided to exchange names and buy PJs for each other. That was a lot of fun and enjoyed trying on our new pajamas and taking pics that night.
Christmas day, we got up so early and opened presents at home, then it was off Rick's parents, Terry and Rose. We had huevos rancheros and waffles! My mother in law is such a great cook. She rocks the huevos yummy!! Then the girls did their little program for the family, which everyone enjoyed so much. We opened presents and then it was off to grandma Mary's house, the kids' great-grandma. We opened presents there, and the girls put on their show for grandma Mary, and uncle Glen and aunt Christine. After a long day we finally came home and spent the rest of the night playing Wii with the kids. It was a great Christmas!! so glad the Holidays are over!!! Rick began traveling more often , back to work after a 2 week break for dad. January was pretty uneventful, which I love sometimes! Other than Andres starting his indoor soccer tournaments. we are, in February. Rick came home from work today, he spent the weekend in New Jersey, which is one of his least favorite places to go for work. He got snowed in on saturday, so he lost a working day, which was not a good thing, but after all he had an ok weekend. I am so excited for tomorrow, it is our 3 year anniversary. He won't tell me what we are doing, but my brother is coming over to stay with our kids and we are not coming home till very late! Not so happy that I don't know what we are doing, because I like to know what is going on....I think it's the control freak in me, but Im really trying to not worry about it and just go with whatever Rick has planned tomorrow. Not very much going on this month. I'm really excited for the New Year, I've started to workout again and I'm feeling good. Gotta look good for my 30th birthday this year!!!