Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why on earth would I want to wish the fall season upon myself? Well these are the reasons...I have good ones:

-I would be almost done with fall semester
-It would mean only one more month till I get to meet my baby niece (she loves me already, I know it!)
-2 months from New Year (there are some exciting things happening early next year that I cannot speak of yet...(it's a surprise)
-November 18th this comes out
I know many are not fans...but I am...don't judge me! :)

-AND.....the dates are set.....November 13th through the 19th we will be taking our kids to.....drum roll please.......

Yay!!! I cannot even begin to say how excited I am. It will be the first time for Roman, and our first time spending more than one day at Disneyland as a family, it is also exciting because we will be joined by Rick's family, so we will have cousins there too. Alright, so my teenager is not that excited (he's crazy) but Disneyland is not his favorite place, so I told him we would also make a trip to Universal Studios, which I also LOVE!
But shhh don't tell our kids, because they still don't know we are going, it's a surprise! 
So there it is, some great things happening in November.....
can it please get here, like fast!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yep! I'm doing it again. I'm doing another semester. I'm taking math, french, and computer basics class. I go tuesdays and thursdays from 10am to 2:30pm...full day of school twice a week. I can't lie, I am pretty excited. I did so much better than I thought last semester, so it gave me the confidence that I needed to go back. I got an A in math, a B in sexuality, and a B in nutrition...I think those are the best grades I have ever had! My parents are PROUD!
Today was my first day, I had anxiety because I have not had a chance to get my books yet, so I thought I was going to get in trouble or something, but nobody cares in College! I had a good day, I'm excited for math, because I actually knew the problems the professor was doing on the board, and then my french class was fun! I know, French I took it in High School for 3 years, and I thought it would be an easy class, but I think I may have been mistaken. The only downside to my College adventure is that parking SUCKS at SLCC, I drove around for about 20 mins trying to find parking, and then there was a sign that the overflow parking is at Witzells Pawn shop about half a block from the school, so I parked over there, and I walked by myself down State st. ! Talk about anxiety attack! After school I made the journey back to my car, alone again, walked to the pawn shop and I passed a couple of men, MY BIGGEST FEAR IN LIFE! Walking by myself in having to walk by creepy looking men, and then to make it worse, as I was walking to my car, which was parked away from the pawn shop, kind of isolated behind some big trucks, so it was somewhat hidden, a man pulls in from state st, starts following me as I'm walking to my car and when I turn he had pulled up right next to me and asked me in a very questionable tone "would you like a ride" AAHHHHHHHHH I wanted to scream "stranger" "stranger" like I was taught when I was little, but I composed myself and told him "NO" and he took off! SCARY! I need to get to SLCC much earlier so I can get a parking spot on campus!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to school night....junior high edition

Tonight, was Andres' back to school night. I went with him. Basically what you do is they give you 15mins in each of your 8 classes, so that you can go around and see what your day will be like, where the classrooms are, meet your teacher, and for the teacher to give you a condensed version of what the year will be like, supplies needed and such. I was running late(shocker!) I was trying to get dinner for the 3 little ones that were staying home, with my mom, and I was in such a hurry that I didn't even think to look at my I left, got to the junior high, found Andres there, and went inside. As I walk through those doors I look down at my white t-shirt that I'm wearing, and of course there's a stain on it, and then another blotch of I don't know what, that looks like little fingers (gee I wonder who's fingers those are?) As if walking through those doors didn't give me enough anxiety, now I have to walk around this school with a stained shirt...and I know they are looking at me, and maybe even talking about me as they walk by me! Or is that all in my head!? GRRR!! Why does going into a junior high immediately make me feel self conscious and like a complete reject!? I'm a mom, I'm raising 4 kids, I have a home, I have a nice car...that I can drive, might I add, I can cook, I can use a credit card, I've graduated High school and I'm even a college student why does this anxiety completely take over me and instantly feel lower than these children....I'm old enough to be their mom! So I notice that as I'm walking through these halls, and as I'm sitting in each classroom, I feel the need to hold my purse in front of me, or pretend I'm reading a piece of paper, trying to hide this stupid stain on my shirt. I was so uncomfortable for the 1 1/2 hours that we were there! Of course it doesn't help that my son, my sweet 14 year old cute boy which I gave birth to, thinks I'm so not cool, and sometimes didn't even want to sit by me in the classroom UGH! How do I get past this? I was that girl, the girl that was made fun of, the girl that didn't have cool clothes, the girl that was totally ignored by all the boys, and all those insecurities of junior high come rushing back as I'm in this school! I need a therapy session just to get over what this back to school night has done to me, and I will be sending them the bill!  Now I'm going to go curl up in a blanket and a pillow, watch something that will be depressing while I eat ice cream! Ridiculous!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Birthday weekend

Last weekend I turned 31....OUCH! I was really excited last year to turn 30, but this year I was not ready to be 31. Rick and I went to Manti and we stayed at a Bed & Breakfast. We had never been to B&B, it was a gift from my parents, my sister and her husband. The house was a little creepy the first night we stayed there, but it is run by the sweetest old lady that we have ever met. Marlene Yardley, she took us around the house, told us all about the history of the house, she was actually hired as the maid of the house 20 years ago, the lady of the house passed away shortly after and then Marlene ended up marrying the widow man Yardley and became the mistress of the house (those were her words) Rick and I were confused...we thought she would be the lady of the house after she got married, but she said mistress hmmmmm.....but seriously she was the cutest old lady. The house had many LDS art pieces throughout. The head sculptures of Oliver Cowdery, Emma Smith and others was a little creepy to me, but by the end of our stay, we really did fall for that house, and if I could live in that house, I would move to Manti...( although I would definitely redecorate)
The Yardley Inn

This is a huge painting that hangs in the dinning room, depicting what the after life will be like.
 Then there's the Manti Temple.....I fell in love with this Temple! I think I took like a million pics of just the Temple. Rick and I did a session on Saturday morning, and it was such an amazing feeling in there. All Temples are special, but there was something about this one that I absolutely loved!

Rick and I after the session

Night shot

The Yardley Inn during the day
 On Sunday we drove back. Rick took me to the Cheesecake Factory for Sunday Brunch, and then we went to my parents for birthday cake that my mom made me and flan that my brother made.
Here I 31 year old picture. I can't say that I'm happy with this pic, I wish I was 15 pounds lighter...but oh well that is something that I continue to wish for. I just love food so much!