Friday, December 10, 2010


I didn't know that you can actually make marshmallows so easily! I found a recipe...well actually my sister found a blog and it gave the recipe, she sent it to me and I had to try it. So I went out and bought a few things that I didn't have....unflavored gelatin, and peppermint extract, because I decided I wanted to make them flavored. It was a messy process, and sticky....but this is the result. I felt so accomplished. These will be going into the hot chocolate mix that I'm making.

And then I had to dip some in chocolate......This was not an easy process!

and sprinkled some peppermint on top! YUMM!


  1. Please send me this recipe!!! it looks like so much fun and Mallorie eats more than her share of Marshmallows!!

  2. Uhhhh those look delish! I will trade that recipe for the chocolate pumpkin cupcakes :).