Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The doorbell rang, I opened the door and there was Jen standing with a pretty rectangular silver box and she said "you won" I won her blog giveaway, 30 dollar Nordstrom giftcard. I have to hide it, because my husband only shops at Nordstrom and it's his favorite place in the world! AHHHHHH!!  I never win anything! I would take a picture of myself holding this silver box, but I just got back from the Rec Center, we went swimming and I look horrid and I smell like chlorine! Anyway, I'm so excited, this is going straight to the Mac counter. I'm also thinking.....I don't have very many followers, as my 2 year old says to me "mom, you have no frrriiieeennndsss!" he drags out the friends part, so it's extra piercing to my heart. I think I need to start bribing people to follow my blog. I think I may follow Jen's lead and do a giveaway....soon!
Thanks for making my week Jen!!!

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