Friday, September 16, 2011

I have finally decided! Yesterday while spending all day in front of a computer getting caught up on my online class, which is Human Relations and Career Development I decided I'M GOING TO DO IT! The assignment I was working on was on short and long term goals, and I know that we are told from the time we are young to write down what our goals when I was in Young Women they asked us to write down our goals and what we want in a husband,  my list always went like this
                                                 -I want to get married in the Temple
                                                 -I want to have kids
                                                 -I want to be a stay home mom
                                                 - I want my husband to be nice, Tall and blonde with blue eyes(no joke)

This is what I always wrote down, and I got what I wanted, most of it, (other than the tall blonde and blue eyes) haha, but I got better than that I got Rick!) Ok, so it didn't happen in that order either, but what I'm trying to say is that I never really wrote down, or thought about a career (other than to be a model when I was a young teen) I know that being a mother, wife, stay at home mom is the greatest thing I will ever do...but I now understand the importance of an education, and I never took that seriously. I've always had pretty good jobs, working for the WIC program was great, I started that when I was 18 in 1998, the youngest employee in 3 counties of that Health Dept, and I continued with that until 2008, 10 years working for different Health Depts in Colorado and Utah. I know this is getting long....back to what I was saying about writing down my goals, it hit me as I was writing things down for this assignment, the power that writing things down has, when you take it seriously. So I will be an RN. I have been thinking about it for a few years, but never took the steps necessary to make it happen. What I want to do as a nurse is very specific, and may take a while, but I want to work in Labor and Delivery/Postpartum. I want to be around new mothers, I want to help them, I want to continue being a big breastfeeding advocate. So I changed my major yesterday at school,  there are only 4 pre-requisite classes that I need to have done before I can get into the Nursing program at SLCC. I'm am so excited. I know the road will be hard, but so so worth it.

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