Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cleaning out the closets!

Once I get started on something, there's no stopping me! We were just getting the house cleaned up, but once I saw the girls' closet I had to do something about it! What a mess! Then I realized that it is fall, so I took all the summer clothes out, made a "get rid of" pile, "too small for Mic, so going to Summerlin" pile, and a "still good for next year" pile. It's a not so fun job, but someone has got to do it, and now I can go into their closet and not freak out....that is until about a week when it's a mess again. I did the same for Roman, I got rid of some of his clothes, baby's grow so fast. There are some cute outfits, that bring back memories of when he was little...why is it so hard to get rid of some clothes? I can't keep everything, so I at least have pictures to remind me of the cute outfits and the memories that go along with it. I have to say, my husband was so good and helped me get our rooms organized. Thanks honey! I have to thank him in person, because I doubt he will read this. I better get finished up, we have two soccer games today at the exact same time, so we have to split up today...busy evening.

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