Monday, October 12, 2009

My baby boy (not baby anymore) is 13!!

Saturday was an awesome, yet busy day. We woke up, went downstairs (Andres was having a sleepover) and we woke up Andres and his two friends with the Happy Birthday song. We hugged, we kissed and we gave him his presents. We got him two hoodies, a new phone, which is really not new, but new to him, and we gave him money because that's all he really wanted this year. He was really excited. After that my work began, I made the kids breakfast (pancakes) then cleaned up, got myself and the kids ready, my brother Leandro showed up to help me with the afternoon so we all went to Andres' soccer game,( we lost but they played awesome! Then it was off to get the three older ones a haircut (Andres, Mic and Summerlin) haircuts done, off to the store to pick up something for lunch and cake mixes, frosting, drinks, ice, and a number 1 and 3 candle (13). Came home, fed the kids, cleaned up, and started my baking! I made cupcakes galore!! I also made a cake, for the family. Amie (sis-in-law) showed up with her husband Brian and their girls Hailey and April, while they watched Monsters vs aliens I kept baking. Then my parents showed up and my sis Raquel with her boyfriend Danny, and Dave and Mandi with their boys Caleb, Carter, and Holden (baby Kenzie in her tummy) So we had a full house, while I still baked. My cake did not turn out too well, it appears I did not spray the pans enough and so when I took them out of the pan, it broke! But my dad was there to save the day! He fixed it, it was a messy cake but a really yummy cake. So then I started with the cupcakes, thank goodness Amie took my girls to her house to play and took Roman and dropped him off with my mother in law, that way I could focus on what I needed to do, before Andres's friends showed up for the party. Seven came around and kids started to show up. I was still decorating the cupcakes, I made about 50 cupcakes! I had set up a table downstairs with chips and salsa, two halloween buckets full of drinks, and later on when all the guests arrieved I got them pizza, along with some cool music and cool kids, it turned out to be a great party for Andres! I had to laugh because they are teenagers yet every time I went downstairs I caught a few playing with my girls' toys...the Hannah Montana Malibu Beach house was a hit with all of them! Andres had a great day, great party and he got some really cool gifts from his friends and lots of money. He thanked me later on for such a great party, and I felt like a supermom!

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