Monday, October 25, 2010

My Projects

 So this year, I have really unleashed my creative side...(which I didn't know I had by the way) but I'm so proud of myself for the projects that I have done this year. First of all, we had the privilege of having a garden this year. We grew tomatoes, green peppers, Anaheim peppers and zucchini. I thought everything would die for sure, since I have never even been able to keep a simple house plant alive, but to my surprise it all survived and we got so much! What did I do with all this? Well I canned! Did I ever think I would be a canner? NO! But I actually quite enjoy it. So I made salsa, spaghetti sauce, and I shredded most of the zucchini we got, to make zucchini bread throughout the winter time. I also was able to can peaches, and made some peach jam, raspberry freezer jam, and my latest, I got apples and canned apple pie filling. Yay for me! Now on to my crafts....I've been making hair accessories like crazy! I learned how to make corker bows, satin flower bows, fabric and felt flower headbands and crochet ear warmers/headbands. I also made a Halloween advent calendar for the kids, they really have enjoyed the treats in each of the pockets. This is our last week and I really want to make one for Christmas...we will see. These are great because they will enjoy it every year, I will have to make a few adjustments on it when I get it out again next year, some on the stuff has been falling off, so I have to glue it all again and get more stickers for it, and of course get the treats for it again next year. My next venture? Tackling the sewing machine! I've used my sewing machine, but I really want to master my sewing so that maybe next year I can some clothes for the kids, and maybe even their Halloween costumes. I'm excited!

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