Monday, October 25, 2010

The Cromars' summer fun!

So of course I'm way behind on keeping this blog updated so now I have to post everything we did during the summer, since I haven't posted anything before today and the last thing I posted was on Roman's birthday, which was May....boy, I'm not good at this...why did I think I would be, I've never even been able to keep a personal journal. So here it goes, May we celebrated Mother's day, without Rick, because he was traveling, by the way he was gone quite a bit during the summer. We celebrated Summerlin's kindergarten graduation, then celebrated her 6th birthday with friends and family at the Recreation center, went to Fourth of July parades, watched fireworks, went camping with the other Cromar family (Rick's brother's family), and got eaten alive by mosquitoes! Celebrated my 30th Birthday surrounded by lots of friends and family, I had 25 people at the Cheesecake factory and we waited 4 hours for a table! I have great friends and family for waiting that long. Did lots of swimming with the kids, zoo trips, Chuck e cheese trips, first boat trip as a family with our good friends, first day of school, County Fair fun, and we welcomed fall celebrating Micaela's 9th Birthday, and then Andres' 14th birthday. Another major event these past months was that Rick got a promotion at his job, and now doesn't travel as much, so he gets to be home with us more. Huge blessing! The kids are enjoying having him home. He did get to go to China in September and brought us back lots of great stuff. Well that's summer and beginning of fall for the Cromars in a nutshell!

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