Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween weekend

Here's the rundown of our weekend.......
         Friday morning 3 kids sick......2 with ear infections one with sinus infection. AWESOME!
         Friday evening, business dinner with Rick in Sundance at the Foundry Grill, I had raspberry lemonade, soup, steak dinner, and apple pie dessert! YUMMM
         Saturday Halloween fun!......oh wait, actually NOT!! It rained all evening! The kids were not very happy, but we did go to a Halloween party and the kids went Trick or Treating for a little bit and got soaked! Then we visited with grandma, grandpa and great grandma Mary. Put the kids to bed at grandma's house. Rick, my sister, brother in law, my brother and I went to a Halloween party at the Depot that was hosted by a local radio station. We met up with our friends Matt and Lavern and we danced the night away. Yay! I love adult time!
      Sunday.......we ditched Church, but for good reason. I didn't want to take the kids around other kids since they are sick. We had a nice relaxing day and later we had dinner at my parent's house. Over all it was a good weekend, just bummed that it rained on the kids on Saturday, when Halloween was really on Sunday but since we live in Utah had to do it on Saturday.....I still have mixed feelings about that. Sunday was a beautiful day, so we got jipped from Halloween this year!! UGH!

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