Thursday, October 28, 2010

Birthday, Kiddie Carnival and two class parties!!

My brain is a little fried....I don't even know how to describe the last couple of days other than BUSY BUSY BUSY. The latest on "Magali's To Do List" I am now enrolled in school. AHHHHHHHH!!!! Can I just say that I'm terrified? I haven't been to school in 10 years! It will be online, but it will be a full schedule. I will be doing General Studies for now, until I figure out what I want to do when I grow up :) or at least when my kids grow up. I start in January.....ready or not here I come! So yesterday was Rick's birthday, he was neglected and I feel bad. We had so much going on yesterday that the best I could do was make a homemade cake and homemade frosting, which by the way, he had to frost the cake himself....oops, and I bought him Pei Wei for dinner (Orange Peel with Brown Rice) YUMM! When he got home from work I was in the middle of finishing the chops sticks for my girls' hair for their costume, doing their makeup and hair for the kiddie carnival, which we were an hour late for anyway...ugh! When we got home Rick and I had an appointment to go to, so we didn't sing Happy Birthday to him till 10pm.....poor Rick, it was crazy yesterday and he didn't get the recognition he deserves....We love you Honey! I stayed up till midnight last night peeling grapes (eyeballs) for Mic's class party today. Of course since I went to bed so late, I woke up late, we were late to school for the Halloween Parade, had to rush Roman to my friend's house so she could watch him for me, then rushed back to school for the parties. So it began.....a room full of first graders....they really are cute kids, I just could never be a teacher, hats off to teachers! I supervised as they made their little craft I had planned for them we made pictures using Foam sticky shapes. I smiled, I spoke in a high pitched excited voice, took pictures and then I was off. I rushed home got all my supplies for the scary story that I planned for the third graders and was off, rushing back to the school, which I was late for again! Ugh. Got there, helped the other moms with their stations and then it was my turn EEK!! I'm not a story teller, I simply gave a suggestion to the "room mom" that it would be fun to tell a Halloween story that used props...such as, touching spaguetti for worms, grapes for eyeballs, a rubber latex glove filled with water and frozen for a dead cold hand, dog food mixed with other things to make it smell yucky as if "someone had died", ramen noodles broken up for dried up bones and spaguetti sauce for blood. I learned something, don't suggest things unless you are willing to do it LOL. So I found a story, I prepared the props and tried to practice how I would do it before hand, but there's so much pressure sitting in front of 25 third graders all staring at you, sort of saying with their eyes " you better entertain me!" So yeah, I got stuck a couple of times, and lost my place but the kids really did enjoy the hands on experience of touching and smelling stuff that went along with the story. I think I did a good job, my daughter told me I did, she's my daughter, and doesn't like to hurt my feelings so she could have just been lying....Haha, I'm just glad that it's all over! I do not like to be in front of kids, they are your biggest critics LOL, again Hats off to teachers, because I could never be one! I will post some pics below from the last two days.


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