Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I love I did it again!

The Halloween advent calendar I made with felt was such a success with my kids, that I had to make one for Christmas! December is fast approaching and I thought I wouldn't have time to get this done...but I did, and it came out better than the Halloween one, so next year I will have to make some adjustments to the Halloween calendar. Can I just say....I LOVE FELT! It is so easy to work with, cheap, and who knew there were so many things you can make with it! I've been making felt flowers for head bands, I also use it for the back of the fabric flowers, the calendars and my girls and I made grandma Rosie some flowers with fuzzy pipe cleaners as the stems. Now she has a vase with flowers that won't ever die! I think I spent $7.00 to make this calendar. I'm only going to fill the pockets with chocolates this time, not toys like the Halloween calendar, so I made the pockets smaller. The felt letters with sticky back is the only thing that was pricey, they are $6.00 for a package, but I had a 40% off at Michaels so I got a good deal. The snowmen, gingerbread people, the snowflakes and the striped pipe cleaners I got for a dollar each packet at Joanns!! I cut out the numbers from a sparkly foam that I also got at Michaels for a $ 1.00. They have felt numbers but I couldn't find white and I really wanted the numbers to be white, the pockets, of course are felt, and they sell for .25 cents per rectangle, and the white felt I got out of the fabric remnants bin they have at Joann's for only .88 cents! I glued everything with tacky glue, the only thing I did have to sew was the ribbon that I braided to hang it that's it, it's done! Although, one of my friends pointed out that I should have made it as a countdown,  it should start with 25, so it's bugging me.... I may have to switch all the numbers around now :)

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  1. so fun!! ok, I want one of your christmas calendars!! :) I dont have any advent calendars and that is super cute - i may have to figure out how to do that myself! :) merry christmas!!