Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Roman builds a Temple

I had to blog about this, because it brought such joy into my day. There are times when you feel like nothing you do as a mom is good enough....I've been feeling this way a lot lately (it's winter time, I get like this) We try to do the important things everyday, like reading the scriptures, and saying family prayers and family home evening on Mondays, going to Church on Sundays, there are some good weeks and some bad weeks. I feel such a huge responsibility to make sure our children learn the Gospel and live it everyday and for them to be able to feel like their home is a place of safety from the outside world and a place where they can feel of the spirit.....sometimes it doesn't feel that way. Sometimes as a parent you feel like....."why have family prayers when all the kids bust out laughing in the middle of it because their little brother did something funny?" Or "why do we have family home evening when Roman is running wild around the house and distracting everyone?" It is hard to feel the spirit, and by the end of FHE, I'm so annoyed that I feel like the kids got nothing out of it! Then Heavenly Father gives me the assurance that the kids are actually learning something, those are the kind of moments that I feel like "Hey, maybe we are doing something right?" One such moment happened last week. I was washing dishes, and giving Roman some breakfast. He was eating and playing with a few blocks. I wasn't paying much attention to what he was doing, and then he called out to me and said "Mom look, a Temple!" I turned around and saw that he had stacked the blocks and put one on the top as a steeple. I got so emotional, I asked him again, just to make sure I had heard right. "What did you make Roman?" and again he said " a Temple!" WOW! Of course I had to take a picture of him with his Temple and he was so happy, as you can see on the pictures that I posted. I also had to send Rick a text with the picture and he felt the same way, he said it brought tears to his eyes. I'm so thankful for these moments that I get as a mom. It makes the load a little bit lighter. Even though we may think they are not paying attention, they really are! It makes me want to be a better mom and pay more attention to these moments that sometimes go unnoticed because I'm too busy making sure my house is clean.....when it never really is, so I need to accept that and just look for the great moments all around me that my Heavenly Father and children provide.

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