Monday, January 24, 2011

Sickness, mess, homework, and waffles!

It has been about 5 days, and this is what our counter looks like.....lovely.  We've got every sickness pretty much covered. We've got colds, coughs, colds with fevers, sore throats, and pink eye!  Our latest victim? Rick, my husband had to call in to work today, he's pretty sick, but refuses to go to the Doctor. He choses me to be his 24/7 nurse. I'm trying my best...

and as embarrased as I am to show this to everyone.....this is what I've got. My mess of a kitchen, waiting for me to tackle it. I came home from school this morning, thinking of all the things I have to do, this being one of them, laundry, pick up the house, fold and put away clothes, pick up kids, homework with the girls, reading with the girls, and hopefully get some of my homework done, which I'm way way way behind in, and in between all those, run upstairs every hour or so to check on my hubby, to make sure he is still alive.....yeah, he looks really bad! So, it's lunch time and I think to myself, ok, something easy for Roman, and Andres (which had to stay home from school because he has pink eye) and this is what Roman says to me "mom make waffles please?" UGH! He added a please too! So, after offering other choices, he insisted on waffles......
How can I say NO? I mean look at this face! This is his pleaseeeeee mom face. Even though I've got a million things to do, I added waffles for lunch to that, and made a little cute boy very happy.

And I got to watch him enjoy his lunch....he had seconds :)


  1. SO funny....also....I died laughung at all the medicines on your counter. That is about how our house looked a couple weeks ago.

  2. You go girl! That is a lot of work!