Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ditched school but......

So I decided to ditch school today,(I know I will be sorry).....but I was very productive! I've been missing cooking and baking, since I've been on this "losing weight" thing. I know my family misses it too right? Well let's hope so.
Today I made my whole wheat homemade bread, a raspberry glazed pork roast, raspberry bars, and sugar cookie dough (that we will have fun with later). I also made baked potatoes, and buiscuits for our dinner tonight. Yay! I feel so accomplished, even though I'm way behind on laundry, my room is a disaster, and I ruined my perfect attendance in my math class....

I will post recipes soon....first I will post the Whole Wheat Bread recipe. I was terrified of making bread. yeast always scared me (don't ask me why, but it did.) My good friend taught me this amazing bread recipe, and it's super easy....all you need is a kitchen aid, dough enhancer (walmart), wheat gluten (walmart) yeast, honey, whole wheat flour, oil, salt, and sugar.

Whole wheat bread


  1. you are a power cooker. Seriously. I need all your secrets.

  2. I will give you all the secrets you want as long as you give me your cupcaking secrets...because I may be good at some cooking and baking, but cupcakes...I cannot get! :)