Thursday, February 24, 2011

Therapy for my soul

In talking with a friend, she suggested to curve my "emotional eating disorder"(that's what I choose to call it) with journaling, so I chose to blog....blogging journaling they both end with ING so same thing. I was inspired by someone else's blog post just now. She wrote about her sister. So every week I'm going to blog about someone in my life, I will start with my sister.
                                                                  ~Her name is Raquel ~
                                                                           Here she is

Isn't she a beauty!?
  She's beautiful inside and out! I do have to mention that she likes to pucker her lips for pictures. She has tried to teach me how to do it....but I can't do it as cute as her. She is the most caring person I know. She is the greatest friend...anyone is lucky and blessed to be her friend, because she continues to be your friend through anything....even when she is hurt in the process. Which makes me very upset, I try to talk her out of caring for people that do not deserve it, but she still does.(I tend to hold grudges....I know it's something I'm working on)   She's compasionate, she would do anything for anyone, go out of her way to do anything for you, and always thinks of others before herself. She has given her heart away to people that have broken it. I have cried with her, laughed with her, we've gone on trips and she has been there for me, she has kept my secrets (shhhh) :) and she is the greatest aunt to my kids. She thought love would not come her way......and then she met him

                                              Danny. He made her happy, and she fell for him.....and sure I'm a little jealous that now I have to share her.....but he took her here

and married her for time all Eternity. So really, I love him for making one of the most important people in my life, so happy. She deserves it. Now they pucker their lips together for a picture.....and they are cute!
My request now.......make me an AUNT!!
Oh another request....move closer, because I miss my sister! :)
I am so proud to have her as my sister.

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  1. How sweet. I wish I had a sister. I am definitely hoping this next one is a girl so Jayda can share that bond that I know nothing about.