Saturday, March 26, 2011

Restaurant Review

Lugano Restaurant
33rd south and 2300 east
Rick and I went out last night, it was last minute. My mom and brother came over and they suggested we take a break and go out. I was in the mood for Italian food, I love Italian food. To give a little of a background, my grandfather migrated to Argentina from Italy, my grandmother was also Italian and I grew up eating my grandmother's homemade pasta every Sunday and Thursday. Spaquetti, lasagna, ravioli, gnocchi, polenta, marinara sauce made from the tomatoes my grandfather grew, urugula salads, lots of cheeses, garlic, bread, olive oil....etc. Restaurants can't touch my grandmother's food, but I like to try new restaurants and I had high hopes for Lugano, but I was highly disappointed. I had a caesar salad, which was great, their bread and assorted olives was great, my husband ordered a margherita pizza which was good, the mozzarella on the pizza was amazing but my pasta dish was DISGUSTING! I ordered the Nappa Cabbage Spaguetti dish. The waitress said everyone raves about this dish, but I really don't see how. It was bland, it had cauliflower on top and tons of bacon YUCK! Maybe I ordered the wrong thing, because the reviews that I've read for this restaurant are mostly positive. I ended up eating lots of bread, olives and some of Rick's pizza. Lesson learned. Next time we think of breaking our Cheesecake Factory routine, I will think of this experience, and snap out of it. I would have preferred an Italian dish at the Cheesecake Factory.


  1. I have been wondering about that place, (Now I probably won't go.) You should try Al Fornos in SLC it is a small authentic place that is really yummy!

  2. When I worked in Real Estate we had them cater an affair and it was AWFUL. Buh.