Monday, March 28, 2011

General Conference

I cannot believe this weekend is the first weekend in April! Time is flying lately, that means only one more month till my Roman turns 3....I'm going to cry! That's going to be a different post.....Anyway, it also means General Conference weekend. I love General Conference! It is when our modern day leaders and Prophets give us instruction, to learn more about my religion click here. Now, with my excitement, comes the not so much excitement from my see, I make them sit and watch all of Conference...well at least the Sunday sessions. What I've done in the past is buy them a cool notebook and some cool pens and have them write down the name of the person that is speaking, and to write one thing down about what they said in their see this is what my mom did with us, and I still do it to this day! I still have some of the notebooks that I used during General Conference, I write something for each talk, and I love to look back and read what I've written over the years. I guess, I really wanted to do the same with my kids, but I have learned that what works with some, does not work with others, so it is time to make our own family traditions for General Conference weekend. I've been searching for some ideas online, I found this, which I really like. I'm on the search for some other ideas.

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  1. That's so admirable!! Your efforts will pay off. They will remember. I love conference too! There's nothing like it.