Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cromar Family Update

I've been mostly blogging about me lately, so I wanted to write and update about the family. Nothing too exciting going on, just general Cromar stuff.
I'm officially a soccer mom again....yesterday (Tuesday) was the girls' first soccer game of the season. Andres made that comment, as I was taking everything out of the car that I could possibly need, and more like hand sanitizer, treats, water bottles, sweaters, chairs to sit on...he looked at me and said "mom you are a "soccer mom" and I'm going to get you a sticker to put on your car" so we had to park about a block away from the field because everyone and their dog was there! The field was wet, muddy, squishy and it smelled like a swamp! After the first 5 mins of being on the field they had splatters of mud all over their uniforms and their face, I wore the wrong shoes, my feet were completely soaked and my shoes were muddy, Roman took off his shoes after they got all muddy and decided to run around with no shoes was my worst nightmare...cold, wet, mudd, kids dirty, no shoes on....ahhhhh!!!! But I actually was pretty relaxed about it, I mean, that's what washing machines are for right? Baby steps Magali, baby steps.
The girls were awesome. Summerlin was the only girl in her team, and there was only one girl on the other team, so it was her against all the boys and she was the best!
Mic is also in a coed team, but her group is 9-11 year olds, and she's pretty tall but the difference between a 9 year old and an 11 year old is pretty drastic, there was a very big girl on the other team, Mic was almost as tall as her but not quite. She is usually my aggresive player, but I think she a little intimidated yesterday. I'm sure she will pick it up and be my awesome player that she always has been.
The girls are doing well in school. They have had some pretty awesome field trips lately, Summerlin was a little sad a couple of weeks ago that she missed her field trip to the Tree House museum, she got so sick in the evening just before going to bed and spent the whole night throwing up. Her teacher said that she was the 4th one that week, so it must have been something going around in her classroom....gotta love germs, YUCK! Summerlin has been doing really well in school, her grades were really great this last term, she worked hard and improved in everything that she needed to improve. She has lots of friends, and she plays well with both girls and boys. She's a friend to everyone, she's very nice, loving and she's our rule follower.
Mic has been going through a lot of changes lately, emotionally and physically. she's so tall! We've been helping her with her feelings (which is exhausting sometimes) but she's holding up well, considering everything she has to deal with. She's the tallest in her class! She's very smart, she has been getting very good grades, her teacher loves her and always tells us that she is a great leader. Everyone wants to do what Mic does, so we tell her that being a leader is a big responsibility because she has to be an extra good example. She's my rule bender though....or my envelope pusher whatever you want to call it :)
Andres has been working in our townhomes, he was the snow shoveler of the walkways for all the units and he was able to earn some money. He saved up and got himself a's a skateboard but longer, I don't get it, but he's pretty excited about it and has been spending lots of time with his friends perfecting his longboarding skills. I'm just excited that he's excited about something, because lately he's been a little antisocial and not wanting to do much....teenagers! He also thinks he knows everything, and apparently I'm not cool anymore :( make me sad, but he's a good kid. He is involved in church and he's excited for the scout camp in the summer. He's still playing the clarinet and will be in band again next year, but will play the Sax. We got to go pick out his 9th grade schedule last month, we spoke to his counselor and went over a high school plan...I almost cried! HIGH SCHOOL!? Are you kidding me? We were trying to get him a job at lagoon for the summer, but he would have had to work on Sundays so we decided it was best that he didn't. He will be helping my parents at their house with all the work that needs to be done in their house and backyard.
Roman is the funniest boy ever!! We all have so much fun with him. He will be 3 years old in a couple of weeks. He keeps us all entertained, and he's got his siblings and parents wrapped around his finger. He's the baby of the family, the last he may be slightly spoiled. Well his siblings are all a lot older than him, they are so great with him, and they all help me so much. I honestly do not know what I would do if they were all close in age! I could not do it! Roman is talking more and more everyday. Everytime we take his sisters to school, he says "mom I want to go to school" so I started to look into preschool for him, this task was stressing me out. I didn't know what to do, or where I should take him or if he even really needed to go yet. We decided to keep him home, for another year and in the fall when school starts again for the older kids, I will have "Learning Time" with him. We will focus on a topic every week, and Rick and I will take him on educational field trips once a month. I will also have play groups so that he doesn't miss the socializing part of preschool. I'm excited for this time with him, he will be the first one that I do this with. When the other kids were little, I still worked so I was not able to do this with them, I wish I would have. 
Rick just started a new job, so he's been pretty busy. He is almost done with school for the semester, but like me also decided that full time school is just not an option for us right now. We need to focus on our family and maybe just do one class at a time. I may take another math class in the fall, because I see the benefits of being able to help the kids with their math homework.
We are all looking forward to a nice summer, we will be spending lots of time at Lagoon. My in laws are so great! Instead of buying each of us birthday gifts throughout the year, she gives us something that we can all do as a family, she gets us Lagoon passes. I'm so excited! This will be the first year we have lagoon passes since Roman was a baby, the last two years we've had her get us Rec Center passes because Roman was still too little to go to Lagoon with. We are excited for family time, and hopefully some family vacations coming up.


  1. Awww the kids are growing up too fast! I feel like I am missing out on their lives :( Oh man, I can't believe Andres is going to be a Freshman!! That is just crazy. I feel old! lol. That's cool what you're going to start doing with Romie. That will be fun for you guys! Loved this post and I love you!

  2. You are missing out auntie!!! You need to move here, like soon!! Love you!