Thursday, June 2, 2011

My old Cd case

So, I'm very random when it comes to music. The only kind of music I haven't really listened a lot to, is Rock, the only band that I remember listening to is Aerosmith, I had one of their Cds and I really liked it, but that's about it when it comes to Rock, although I can appreciate many great Rock and Roll bands, I just don't listen to it really. Rick and I were talking about Boyz II Men the other night, and I remembered that I have a couple of their Cds tucked away in my very old cd case. So I decided to look for it, and look through it. I have not bought a Cd in years....but I used to in my 20s. When I really liked song, I would go out and buy the whole Cd, and that's what I have, a bunch of randomness, other than Mariah Carey which I loved, loved, loved back in the 90s! I've always been into R&B and POP mostly, so I decided to let you guys see what is in my very old Cd case...and hope that I don't lose any friends over it....don't judge me people :)
                                                    So here it is.

NOW 19 came out in 2008, this is the last Cd I have bought! It includes hits like Hollaback Girl, Switch, Oh, and many more! :)

Yes....that is George Michael on the top right.....Ok so I really liked one of his songs...It's called Amazing.

Mtv party to go includes the hits, baby got back (classic haha) Finally, Real love, and I'm too sexy
The top right was a group called Next, they had a good song when I was in High School

Who can forget En Vogue?? Well I kinda have, so I had to listen to it this morning to remind me :)
Oh and 98degrees....Nick Lachey...enough said!

Top left is Boyz II Men Evolution CD

Top right is the only parental advisory Cd that I have EVER owned! I was going through a phase. I really like the Song Slow Motion by Juvenille
JLO....oh what can I say, this Cd was not her best work but I bought it anyway!

Dangerous Minds Cd....only because I loved Coolio's Gangta's Paradise
And yes....that is a Jessica Simpson Cd...I had another one, but I cannot find it. How EMBARRASING!

Yes....that is Enrique Iglesias' Escape Cd! :)
So there you old cd stash...the ones that I was able to save anyway...Andres used to love to go through my Cds when he was little and he ruined many of of those was my Aerosmith Big Ones cd, and many more that I cannot remember. I love to look through them and remember what was going on in my life at the time of each of these Cd purchases. What do I do with all these Cds now?
I doubt my kids want them LOL!


  1. Ummmm...I will take them!! haha shoot, these are oldies, but definitely goodies! I am going to need to borrow some of these....or all of them :) I should do a post like this...but I have way too many CD's lol

  2. I die, and I own 75% of those....I went through a pretty heavy R&B stage back in the day.