Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Secret admirer

This month has been busy! I always look forward to summer break, yet we are 3 weeks into it and I'm ready for the kids to be back in school. When I'm in my routine, I know exactly what's going on during the week...for the most part, but lately I cannot remember anything! This month I have totally been blowing off my visiting teachers...not intentionally..really, I love my visiting teachers and I love when they come visit me. This month they set up two different times to come visit me, and both times I completely forgot, and I was not home when they came. The last time they came, they left this on my porch...
So nice right!!? Well when I saw this, I knew exactly what it meant and who had done it.
Well, my girls came in to the house yesterday and this is what my 9 yr old said, (with a very concerned tone in her voice)" mom I think someone is hitting on you, someone put that they love you on our porch, and they put their initials V.T" I had to laugh, but I quickly told her who had done it and that V.T stands for visiting teacher. It's good to know that my kids watch out for me. Too funny!

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