Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Job

So my husband got a new job. (again)
After months of trying different things, we have come to the conclusion that traveling sales is his passion. It just works for us. It's all we've known. He started traveling the week we got married. So I know I can handle 4 kids and holding down our home while he is gone. He will be working 10 days and then be home for 10 days. He will be selling...because, well, let's face it...he's just amazing at it. He will be selling the Traeger Grill...what is that you ask? Well I didn't know either, so here is a pic
Traeger Grills

Personally I really want that pink pig grill...I would cook everyday in that grill if I had it! 
Below is the video that he made at home, that got him the job. I need to let you know that he didn't write it down, he didn't practice it, he just turned on the camera and got it done!

                                        His first trip will be sometime in August. So, I begin my part time single motherhood adventures once again.

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