Friday, August 5, 2011

Birthday weekend

Last weekend I turned 31....OUCH! I was really excited last year to turn 30, but this year I was not ready to be 31. Rick and I went to Manti and we stayed at a Bed & Breakfast. We had never been to B&B, it was a gift from my parents, my sister and her husband. The house was a little creepy the first night we stayed there, but it is run by the sweetest old lady that we have ever met. Marlene Yardley, she took us around the house, told us all about the history of the house, she was actually hired as the maid of the house 20 years ago, the lady of the house passed away shortly after and then Marlene ended up marrying the widow man Yardley and became the mistress of the house (those were her words) Rick and I were confused...we thought she would be the lady of the house after she got married, but she said mistress hmmmmm.....but seriously she was the cutest old lady. The house had many LDS art pieces throughout. The head sculptures of Oliver Cowdery, Emma Smith and others was a little creepy to me, but by the end of our stay, we really did fall for that house, and if I could live in that house, I would move to Manti...( although I would definitely redecorate)
The Yardley Inn

This is a huge painting that hangs in the dinning room, depicting what the after life will be like.
 Then there's the Manti Temple.....I fell in love with this Temple! I think I took like a million pics of just the Temple. Rick and I did a session on Saturday morning, and it was such an amazing feeling in there. All Temples are special, but there was something about this one that I absolutely loved!

Rick and I after the session

Night shot

The Yardley Inn during the day
 On Sunday we drove back. Rick took me to the Cheesecake Factory for Sunday Brunch, and then we went to my parents for birthday cake that my mom made me and flan that my brother made.
Here I 31 year old picture. I can't say that I'm happy with this pic, I wish I was 15 pounds lighter...but oh well that is something that I continue to wish for. I just love food so much!

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