Monday, July 11, 2011

Vernal trip

My mom and I had decided that we wanted to go spend a weekend at my sister's house in Vernal. Usually Raquel and her husband Danny come to us, but since she got pregnant she's been really tired and wanted some help organizing and catching up on house mom and I wanted to help. We left on Friday, and her husband and the boys of the family decided that since the women were getting together, they would have a manly they planned a camping trip. I was excited to just have a weekend with my mom and kids, no men :)

We ate, we laughed, we shopped, we went on a walk, we went apartment hunting (since they need a bigger place when baby comes) we watched girly movies like Enchanted (one of our favs) we did facials, and we were silly....this was us trying to take a pic when we did our facials
                                                    but we couldn't keep a straight face
                                                     this was the best we could do
It was a great weekend!!

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  1. oh I love you both so much!! you are the best mother and sister a girl could ask for :) this was an awesome weekend and I am so glad you guys were able to come!