Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Routine, Routine, Routine!!!

Okay, so I'm a fan of routine, you know, having a schedule and planning out your day, but not of what's been going on lately. Lately it consists of going to bed late (my fault) being awaken every night by Roman screaming and screaming, and continuing to scream for about 30 mins, waking up late (again my fault) and part lack of sleep, rushing to get Andres to school on time, coming home to the girls finishing up their shower, helping them get dressed, brushing their hair, remind them to make their bed, and brush their teeth, getting them breakfast, rushing to get the girls to school on time, coming home, trying to get Roman to eat something, in the meantime, he throws food everywhere, makes a big mess on his highchair and himself, then cleaning up the kitchen, by then it's time to get Summerlin picked up from kindergarten (I wish Kindergarten was all day in Davis County) bringing her home, feeding them lunch, of course Roman makes a big mess on himself and the highchair again, so I have to clean the kitchen again, trying to get them to take a nap, Roman screaming, getting into everything he could possibly get into, changing poopy diapers about 4 times in about 6 hours, trying to get a shower in before I have to pick up the kids from school, which sometimes fails, picking up the kids from school, feeding them, cleaning the kitchen again, doing homework, takind them to whatever activity is going on, then coming home feeding them dinner, cleaning the kitchen again, and then doing it all over again the next day! AHHHHH!! I really need to plan better, and I also need to start going to the gym again, right after I drop the girls off at school, that seems to help me feel better throughout the day. Since I got my wisdom teeth pulled and I was recovering for 2 weeks I got so behind on everything and it seems like everyday I get behind even more because I have not had a chance to get caught up. Uhg! Anyway I just needed to blow off some steam, I think I feel I'm off to take a shower......maybe

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