Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Family Night

 So I'm not a fan of the cold Utah weather, every year after August, I start dreading the upcoming months, but if I had to say what I love about the Fall Season, my first answer would be Halloween! We are on the last week of October, so I thought it would be appropriate to carve pumpkins for Family Home Evening last night. I also wanted to try making Apple cider, I had never made it, but I wanted the easy version, so after searching online and looking at different recipes I kind of combined a couple of recipes and made it for us to drink while we carved pumpkins. I cannot think of a better drink for the fall season than Apple Cider, LOVE IT! My kids loved it also, well except for my picky girl Mic, but I learned to just expect her not to like something new, that way when she does like something it makes me extra happy. The kids' favorite part of the night? Cleaning out the guts of the pumpkins, they had a blast getting down and dirty, what child doesn't like getting dirty??  Andres chose to carve Trick or Treat on his, Micaela had chosen a haunted mansion, but her independent "I do everything on my own" self would not let me help her so it collapsed, I had to just carve a scary Jack O Lantern on the other side of it....she was pretty upset so I told her she could try again today with another design, Summerlin chose the Skeleton, I carved BOO! on mine, and Rick decided to do his own thing, his is the one that looks like the pumpkin has a big mustache instead of a mouth....he was being "unique" that's what he said. Roman helped everyone by poking holes in every one's pumpkin whenever he got a chance, he enjoyed himself. Oh and how can we forget the chocolate chip cookies Rick made for us...overall it was a very fun and successful Family night. We have a very busy rest of the week, all leading to Halloween which is actually on a Sunday this year, so of course since we are in Utah the kids will go Trick Or Treating on Saturday. I will post my Apple Cider recipe on the left....Enjoy!!


  1. so cool!! I can't wit to feel a little better to do the same with my girls, hopefully Thrusday! I loce to see other friends blogs, so keep posting!

  2. so fun!!! you are so creative and great!!!!! what a fun mom!