Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Should be sleeping......

but....instead I'm still up, what am I doing so late?
ribbon, scissors, embellishments, felt, glue gun
Tomorrow is one of the most stressful days of my girls' elementary days......PICTURE DAY! I know, I'm psychotic, but picture day, is so stressful for me. So I'm making hair accesories for my girls, and I'm having a hard time deciding what goes better with their outfit, so I have to make a couple so that we can have options....after all, I don't know what kind of hair day we will have tomorrow....it may not go as planned. I'm stressing myself out just thinking about it! AHHHHH!  Today we went to get shirts, this is how the conversation goes with my husband... (me) Honey, the girls have picture day this week, it's their spring personality portraits so I want to go get them a shirt.
(Rick) They have tons of shirts
(me) Yeah, but they are all wintery kind of shirts, and this is for the spring portrait
(Rick) Hmm
LOL...guys just don't get it...but he agreed anyway. :)
Another thing that I stress about....recess, if I was the principal, I would cancel recess on picture day until all the kids got their pictures taken...I mean come on! REally? How long do they think elementary girls can keep their hair done!?
It's truly ridiculous that I'm up making hair accesories, and blogging about it instead of being in bed.
Welcome to my neurotic world!


  1. Hey it's Raquel. Haha aww you poor thing, I think I am going to be the same though ...I love your neurotic self! :) you are such a great mom. When the kids get older, they are going to realize how blessed they are to have a mom like you! La you