Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who knew!?

When hubby and I decided to go back to school (what was I thinking? Never again!) We decided to pick a couple of online classes for me that would be fairly easy....FAIL! We picked Nutrition (fairly easy) and Human Sexuality( my thought was...I've had 3 kids, this will be cake!) YEAH RIGHT! Who knew there was so much to know about Human Sexuality!? Certainly not me! Grrrrr! This class is killing me slowly. Aside from the fact that I have to keep my book hidden because I'm scared that my kids will open it!(it's pretty graphic for children) I was reading a very explicit chapter last night, I was home alone while reading, yet I kept looking around, and I felt like my mom was going to come out and say "What are you reading!!?" I kept thinking, "my mom would have a heart attack if she was reading this!" Scratch that, she would have a heart attack if she read any of the pages in this text book LOL, seriously! Next on my list assignments that need to be turned in? I have to create a questionnaire and interview family, friends, and even neighbors about myths and what they know about contraception.....awesome! This should be good!


  1. I will! Thanks for helping me with this Kim! :)

  2. pick me PUHLEASE..........omg..I need to get in on this

  3. I'm taking a human sexuality class right now too and my book is pretty graphic as well! I don't really have to worry about my kids opening it though, but if she does, she won't even know what it is! Anyway, I felt pretty uncomfortable at first too, but I'm not as uncomfortable now. If you need to interview me, you can! Good luck! If it makes you feel better, I'm taking 4 online classes right now. I don't know how we do it! :) I'm amazed that you can do it with 4 kids!