Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yep! I'm doing it again. I'm doing another semester. I'm taking math, french, and computer basics class. I go tuesdays and thursdays from 10am to 2:30pm...full day of school twice a week. I can't lie, I am pretty excited. I did so much better than I thought last semester, so it gave me the confidence that I needed to go back. I got an A in math, a B in sexuality, and a B in nutrition...I think those are the best grades I have ever had! My parents are PROUD!
Today was my first day, I had anxiety because I have not had a chance to get my books yet, so I thought I was going to get in trouble or something, but nobody cares in College! I had a good day, I'm excited for math, because I actually knew the problems the professor was doing on the board, and then my french class was fun! I know, French I took it in High School for 3 years, and I thought it would be an easy class, but I think I may have been mistaken. The only downside to my College adventure is that parking SUCKS at SLCC, I drove around for about 20 mins trying to find parking, and then there was a sign that the overflow parking is at Witzells Pawn shop about half a block from the school, so I parked over there, and I walked by myself down State st. ! Talk about anxiety attack! After school I made the journey back to my car, alone again, walked to the pawn shop and I passed a couple of men, MY BIGGEST FEAR IN LIFE! Walking by myself in having to walk by creepy looking men, and then to make it worse, as I was walking to my car, which was parked away from the pawn shop, kind of isolated behind some big trucks, so it was somewhat hidden, a man pulls in from state st, starts following me as I'm walking to my car and when I turn he had pulled up right next to me and asked me in a very questionable tone "would you like a ride" AAHHHHHHHHH I wanted to scream "stranger" "stranger" like I was taught when I was little, but I composed myself and told him "NO" and he took off! SCARY! I need to get to SLCC much earlier so I can get a parking spot on campus!

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